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MyLiveDistrict provides your school community an easy way to stay connected. After a simple installation, you just press the "live" button, and you're all set! Open a web browser to your school’s "LIVE" page, students and families can watch announcements, important events or classroom videos.




Control your content and viewership by streaming to your own customized website, not to public sites like YouTube or Facebook. MyLiveDistrict operates independently with no ads or third party software. You can also password protect your school’s live streaming homepage.

With 24/7 support service, you’ll be in good hands with MyLiveDistrict. Our team of industry professionals can help you engage your school community and increase parent involvement by giving your school the power to keep families informed and connected.

Go beyond crumpled newsletters and promote parent engagement in a whole new way by giving them the option to view your events on their computer, tablet or smartphone, from anywhere! With MyLiveDistrict, keeping families informed is as simple as pressing a button and sharing your live streaming website.  


Family and friends can watch livestreams they've missed, at their convenience, with your own Video on Demand (VOD) library, without the distractions of YouTube or other public websites. 

Concerts & Special Events

Live stream plays, winter concerts, end of the year celebrations and more.  Family  members will no longer have to miss special events due to work or travel schedules.  Archived footage can be viewed at any time.

Graduation Ceremonies

If ticket distribution to events, such as moving up ceremonies or graduation, is limited, offer live streaming as an alternative.  Let faraway family members share this special day. 

PTA Meetings

Livestream PTA meetings to the community and give parents with busy schedules the opportunity to participate in school meetings even if they're not in the room, thereby increasing parent involvement. 

Guest Speakers

Share a special guest to your school with classrooms across your building or with other schools in your district. Let parents listen-in to important moments of their child's day, bridging the gap between home and school.

School Assemblies

Broadcast every performance live as it happens.  Students will know their parents are watching even if they're not sitting in the audience. 

Study Lessons

Live stream tutoring and extra help lessons for students to watch after school hours.  Keep a library of study lessons for easy viewing  on demand. 

Sporting Events

Live stream your school's sporting events so no parent has to miss the game, regardless of where they are.  All they need is an internet enabled device.

Board Meetings

Keep your school community informed on decisions, new initiatives and important discussions by live streaming district meetings.

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