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Why use MyLiveDistrict?

Take Your Learning Environment Live!

Broadcast your school events LIVE to any internet- enabled device with ease.

Why use MyLiveDistrict?

Affordable  Our low cost streaming platform will fit your budget.

Simple  After an easy installation, there is no extra software required.


Seamless  Power on, press the "live" button and you’re all set! You can even go wireless using your school’s WIFI network.


Controlled  You have complete control over the broadcast and can archive the footage to share with families at a later time.


Secure  MyLiveDistrict operates independently with no third party software or ads. You can password protect your school’s live streaming homepage.


Adaptable  Parents can watch your broadcast on any device with a web browser: tablets, smartphones, computers, you name it!


Customized  We will create a custom live streaming webpage complete with your school’s logo.  We can also link this site to your existing school website. 


Supported  Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your goal to keep families connected.


Video On Demand  Keep your recordings in an archive for parents and students to watch at any time.


Sample Set-Ups

PLEASE NOTE: There are various ways to stream to our platform and you may already have equipment to do so. Therefore please give us a call and we'll let you know if you're ready.

Our “Single Camera” set up is as easy as it gets:


  1. Using an HD camera on a tripod, simply connect the HDMI cable between the camera and the streaming device.

  2. Connect the streaming device to an internet connection via a cable (Cat 5 type) or WIFI .

  3. Press the “Live” button on the streaming device and you’re Live to your private site.

  4. Easily connect peripherals such as a mic and headset for enhanced quality and monitoring.


Our production set-up enables you to get great results for sports, newscasts, and events such as school plays and graduation ceremonies. Our simple system allows you to get up and running quickly, and our Customer Support will walk you through the easy set-up. If you already have a TV production set-up, you can utilize your existing gear to easily go "live".

Sample Two Camera Configuration 

Up to 4 Video and 8 Audio inputs can be utilized. Contact us for details. 

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