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3 Easy PTA Fundraisers

Parent groups perform many functions at a school as they work to support their children and their classmates. In addition to donating their time to projects and school initiatives, PTAs often take on the task of raising money for special events that fall outside of the curriculum. Whether you’re looking to sponsor a school trip, build a new playground, or raise funds to support a local cause, the PTA can try one of these tips for their next fundraiser.

1. Raffle off an item donated by a local organization. Ask a supermarket to donate a tray of cookies or a business to offer up a pair of tickets to a sports team. All you have to pay for is the spool of tickets and a jar to place them in! With little overhead cost, you can decide how much to sell one ticket for and offer a discount if families purchase five or ten tickets at once.

2. Hold a garage sale for the community where families can drop off items that they no longer want. You can decide how much to charge for each item and all the proceeds can go to the PTA. If you are fundraising for a particular cause, include that in the name of your event to draw attention to the mission of the sale.

3. Sell ad space on your school’s website. If you use a live streaming service like MyLiveDistrict, family members will be flocking to the customized home page they create for your school. Tell local businesses how your school is livestreaming important events like plays and board meetings for parents to watch at home. Show them your page and point out the places where they can buy advertisement space that supports the PTA.

Learn more about using your school’s live streaming website as a way to raise money for your next event by contacting our team.

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