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Embracing Technology

Just the other day I was thinking about how much I wish we had today’s technology when I was a kid and about how it has changed the way businesses are run in a span of just about 15 years. It seems unfathomable that we used to manage businesses with a pager. With today’s fast pace, I don’t think I could stay in business if I didn’t have a cell phone, email, text messaging, photo and video capability at my fingertips. Remember how many years went by without saying “hello” to an old friend before the days of Facebook? Heck, now I won’t even think of going to a restaurant when I’m out of town without first checking Yelp. Just as importantly, video conferencing allowed for less travel and reduced expenses and I believe that laid the groundwork for live-streaming technology. Live-streaming will do for parents what video conferencing has done for businesses and the vast improvements with broadband and the accessibility of receiving such programming allows everyone the opportunity to participate.

Being in video production since my ESPN days in Bristol, CT., back in 1989, has given me access to some of the best video technology available. I’m happy that I still work with video technology, but even happier that the company we’ve started allows the community the opportunity to experience more precious moments with their children. Gone are the days of missing your kid’s sporting events, dance and music recitals, plays, presentations, graduations simply because you are sick, out of the country, or stuck in the office.

I regret that this technology was not perfected sooner, because then I wouldn’t have missed so many valuable moments with my children. Live-streaming enables us to see everything as it happens and allows for the opportunity for more immediate feedback. It would have afforded me the opportunity to converse with my son and daughter after school about how wonderful they did that day! It even provides us the opportunity to have an event recorded with ease to be played at a more convenient time. Think about how many moments you would have liked your parents to have been part of when you were a kid. Embracing this new technology will leave regret where it belongs – out of your life.

I really do cherish the opportunity we now have due to technology...can you tell I love my job?

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