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Great Live-Streaming Ideas..Classroom Guest Speakers.

Guest Speakers. Imagine a speaker from NASA coming in to speak to the 5th grade. Teachers now have the ability to broadcast that speaker not only to the entire school, but to other schools within (or outside) the school district. Moreover, utilizing the chat box, viewers anywhere can ask questions and be engaged. But even better, this moment can be utilized to engage the parents as they can watch too. And if they missed the live event they can watch it later on the VOD page during their lunch break, on any smart device. As a result, this event can now promote an engaging conversation at home between the student and parent that otherwise would not exist before. Parents can re-enforce the learning that occurred that day. The NASA speaker event has now served a multifaceted purpose. Live streaming school guests is a great way to reach beyond the classroom walls.

Live streaming has been around for many years, however the level of expertise required negotiating a successful live stream has limited its use in education. MyLiveDistrict aims to make live streaming easy for teachers so that they will use the technology in meaningful and creative ways. If you're using live streaming in your class, we'd love to hear about it.

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