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How To Avoid Missing Your Child's School Play

Your meeting ran late, traffic is a nightmare, you’ll never make it in time for your child’s school play! Scheduling conflicts, family obligations, work requirements can all make it a challenge to get to every performance and event held at your child’s school. If this has happened to you, you know that sinking feeling of not being able to support your child and share in their special day. What if there was a way for you to watch a school play from anywhere? What if all it took was a smart phone, tablet or computer to never miss another moment from their childhood?

MyLiveDistrcit will transform the way that parents engage with their school community. Families no longer have to feel guilty about not being able to attend every play or ask for a day off to see a school chorus perform showtunes. Live streaming technology gives schools the power to broadcast any event to their families. MyLiveDistrict provides affordable, safe technology for schools. They’ll design a customized homepage for all of your live streaming events.

This technology is easy for all staff members to use and is perfect for live streaming any event that takes place at your child’s school. Teachers and administrators can distribute a unique web address to families and parents can log in from any Internet browser to watch a live event. If you can’t watch it as it’s happening, school’s have the ability to archive footage to create clips that you see on demand. Instead of asking your child how their performance at school went, tell them how proud you are of their acting and singing skills - since you were able to watch all of the action!

If you want to avoid missing your child’s next school play, learn more about bringing MyLiveDistrict to your school!

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