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3 Benefits of Live Streaming In School

School districts across the country are using technology to make sure families and students stay connected. There are lots of events and important gatherings that happen throughout the school year and school administrators and teachers want to make sure that parents can participate in every special moment of their child’s education. Live streaming gives schools an opportunity to broadcast any event they choose on a personalized website. Here are three benefits of using this fantastic technology in schools:

  • Increase parent engagement: Busy parents who travel might not be able to make it to their child’s school play. Keep every member of the family involved with your school by placing important events at their fingertips. All they have to do is open up a special website and they can watch any important event you decide to broadcast.

  • Capture exciting moments: Not only does live streaming let community members watch special events at your school, you have the power to archive an event. This means that parents can either tune into the event as it is happening or catch up later by watching the recording. This flexibility makes live streaming a great choice for families in any school district.

  • It’s simple for everyone: Once live streaming is set up in your school a teacher or administrator turns on the camera and presses record - that’s it! Parents can watch a broadcast from any web browser, even a smartphone. Live streaming from your school’s very own website makes viewing and sharing special moments at school easy for everyone involved.

MyLiveDistrict gives schools the power to keep families connected! Their simple and powerful technology is designed for districts to increase parent communication. Learn more about how MyLiveDistrict can transform your school.

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