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Increase Attendance at Your PTA Meeting

Making sure that all of the parents in your school community are active and informed can be tough for any district. Even if the families of your students have the best intentions, scheduling conflicts and travel schedules can make it hard for them to attend your school’s monthly PTA meetings. If you aren’t seeing a great turnout at your get togethers there is a simple way to increase your attendance!

Live streaming school events, including PTA meetings can increase the number of connected parents and make it easy to reach a wide audience. If the parents of the students in your school can’t make it to the real thing, they can watch the PTA meeting as it happens and even participate in a chat to ask questions. MyLiveDistrict provides an innovative solution to the common problem of low attendance at meetings geared towards parents. When family members have a long day at work, take on a late shift, or have other obligations that make it challenging to come to school for a weeknight meeting, live streaming an event can be the perfect alternative.

With MyLiveDistrict, anyone who has your school’s unique web address can visit a customized page designed for your school. Next to a calendar of events and school logo, they can watch the live video feed and follow along with what is happening at the PTA meeting. Parents who listen in can stay up to date on upcoming events and ways that they can help out. They’ll hear about new initiatives supported by the PTA and even type in their questions for those leading the meeting.

Whether they view the live stream on their smartphone, tablet or computer, MyLiveDistrict makes it easy for parents to stay informed and for the PTA to increase the attendance at their next meeting!

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