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How Live Streaming Can Engage Students

Is student engagement an issue at your school? Are you looking to energize your lessons by creating authentic assessments that connect to the real world? Live streaming is the perfect technology for your school. Teachers can use this tool to engage students and transform their learning environment.

When students finish a science fair project or report for their history class, often it’s just their classmates and teacher who get to see their great work. Instead of organizing a school wide event and take on the preparations of hosting parents and community members in your auditorium or gymnasium, set up live streaming in your classroom. Students can broadcast their presentations to family around the world!

How does it work? MyLiveDistrict is an innovative education technology company that helps your school share special events. They’ll help you set up their easy-to-use equipment as create a customized webpage. As soon as you press record whatever event you choose will be broadcast to your school community. If parents can’t watch their child’s presentation live or miss the broadcast of a school play they can check out the video on demand by accessing your school’s archive.

As you design activities for your students think about the ways they can share their work. Encourage them to keep the end goal in mind - presenting their research, artwork, or report to a wider audience. Taking part in a live broadcast of an event is a great way to make connections to different careers and bring the “real world” aspect of education straight to your students.

Are you interested in learning more about how easy it is to start live streaming in your school? Check out this list to read more about the ways the MyLiveDistrict can transform a classroom and the experience of your students.

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