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Here's what our customers are saying about us:

I just watched the campfire/video from home -- it was wonderful. I don't know who to thank so I'm sending you my email!  Liam is in Seattle for work and my babysitter has evening class, so it would have impossible for me to come.  Thanks again!                                                - Linda


I wasn't  able to make it because of practice for the kids, but jumped on at 7:10pm at home. It looked and sounded great! ...wanted to give my two thumbs up. :)         - Heidi


My students and I are were so pleased with our first live newscast!  It was amazing to see it all come together.  The students were very engaged in the process, as they put into practice their communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  Thank you so much for all of your time and effort that went into ensuring my students' success!                              - Janine McKenna, Video Communication Teacher.


I'm really impressed and our parents and teachers have been as well. Two school board members and a few principals have also been wowed by it.                                   - Stephanie D, Principal

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