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Provide a valuable service to your customers while adding a source of revenue to your business.

Offer Your Customers Live Streaming

It's now easier than ever to Live Stream events. With MyLiveDistrict, you will have an easy-to-operate live streaming system linked to your existing website, which you can add to your list of services for additional revenue.

Your live streaming site will be customized with your branding and information based on your existing site. Potential clients, with loved ones who cannot attend, will be happy to know that you can live stream your service to anyone in the world.

This is a very valuable option for many potential clients -an option that will influence a customer's decision to use your funeral home.

Your services can now Live stream to any Smart Device

Video-On-Demand (VOD) Library Included

Additionally, your services will be automatically recorded on your own VOD (video-on-demand) library, so that anyone who missed the service can watch it anytime thereafter. You will also have the ability to easily download the files and hand it over to your clients.

VOD Sample Screenshot

Our single Camcorder system can be operated by anyone and it can connect to your network via WIFI too. All you need is an internet connection.

A computer is not required. The streaming system is pre-programmed to broadcast to your custom and private site. You may already have equipment to connect to our platform. Just give us a call and we'll let you know if it will work.

Optional Equipment

Single cam Bundle_edited.png


*The price you set for this service is up to your discretion but our price is set to enable a great return on investment.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for what you stream

NOW ONLY $25 per Funeral Service

*Internet connection and equipment for streaming system required. 

Call or email us today for more info

or to see a live demo!

MyLiveDistrict has been live streaming events for years, serving the corporate and educational sectors. Currently, we have schools throughout the U.S. live streaming on our platform daily.
Founded by Vic Tannenberg, Stephen Gray, and John Martinez, our company strives to make live streaming easy for a variety of applications and businesses.
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