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Single Camera/Vidiu Go        

This page will assist you in setting up your Single-Camera System with the Teradek Vidiu Go encoder.



Fully -assembled image.  

Mount the camera to the Dual-Shoe bracket.


 Mount the Dual-Shoe bracket to the  plate on the tripod.

Mount the Shotgun Mic to the Dual-Shoe mount.


Snap the tripod plate back on to the tripod.

Using the SmallRig bracket provided, attach the treaded end to the Teradek Vidiu Go. 


Thread the (2) antennae on to the Vidiu Go...just snug.

Attach the bracket to the leg of the tripod.  (You can situate the Vidiu Go so that it is protected inside the tripod.) 


Be sure to tighten both ends of the double-ball bracket where it threads into the Vidiu Go and the clamp.  


Plug the male end of the mic cable into the female end of the 6' extension cable provided.


Plug the mini-HDMI cable into the HDMI output of the camera.

Connections to the Vidiu Go:

1.  HDMI from the Camera

2.  Ethernet from your Internet connection...(router)

3.  Mic extension cable from the shotgun mic

4.  AC adapter for the Vidiu Go

5.  Headphones, if needed.  (not supplied by MyLiveDistrict)


Turn the Shotgun mic on with the top switch and select gain with the bottom switch.  (try +20dB first)

Press the "ON/OFF" button on the body of the camera.  The camera has been pre-set and is ready to go.


Press the red button once on the left of the Vidiu Go.  You see two options on the display: Go Live or Exit.  With Go Live highlighted, press the red button again.  You should be Live-Streaming.  Press the button again to stop streaming.

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

If you have loaded the SD slot in your Vidiu Go with media, you will see this menu when you press the red button once on the left of the unit.  You will see three options: Go Live, Start Recording or Exit.  With Go Live highlighted, press the red button again.  You should be Live-Streaming. You can also record and event without Live-Streaming. Press the button again to stop streaming.

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