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5 Ways to Engage Parents Throughout the School Year.

Are you having trouble reaching parents due to their busy schedules? It can be a challenging task to keep everyone in your school community on the same page. If you are looking to engage parents there are a handful of quick ways to make sure they are involved in the day to day happenings in your school building.

1. Hold an open house where parents and family members can visit their child’s classroom and sit in for an hour of instruction. This will let them see what is happening in their child’s class and keep them invested in new school initiatives.

2. Ask for volunteers to visit their child’s classroom with a purpose. Having a parent stop by to read aloud a favorite storybook or talk to students about their career path is a great way to have families connect with their school.

3. Celebrate student work with a pizza party during the school day or ice cream social in the afternoon. Invite parents to come by and read their child’s poetry or see a display of artwork, you can even turn this into a contest with parents as the judge.

4. Reach out to small business owners who also have children that attend your school. Ask them to donate a tray of pastries from their bakery for a school event or hold a car wash as a fundraiser at their gas station.

5. Live stream school events for parents who can’t make it to a board meeting or school play. This will keep parents engaged in what is happening in their child’s school and help teachers and administrators keep them informed.

Interested in learning more about how to live stream school events? It’s affordable, effective and safe! Click here to read about how MyLiveDistrict has the perfect solution for your school.

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